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What is a young persons immigration service ?

The employees of the JMD offer support to young immigrants who search for identity, orientation and long-term future plans for their lives in a new society.

Who can use this service?

  • Newly immigrated young persons and young adults, who do not have to attend school full time any more.
  • Children, young persons and young adults in the age group from 12-27 years old, who have an immigration background
  • Employees of offices, schools, institutions, parishes, associations, companies etc.

What kind of tasks do we cover?

Comprehensive integration support

Counselling, Individual accompaniment in all questions of integration, development and preparation of individual integration plans, case management, for example

  • career planning
  • securing income
  • personal matters, etc.

Accompaniment in the process of integration

Putting development plans into action, demand orientated and suitable placements, for instance in language courses, career preparation, training etc.

Initiation and management of additional integration propositions

  • development programs off--the--school training
  • creation of chances for intercultural encounter, etc.

Imparting to other services, institutions

Integration courses, children- and youth support, special services, etc.

Modular structured educational offers, project orientated work and group working

  • orientation and support in educational and training systems
  • introducing information technology (IT)
  • additional career preparing workshops (application training, personality training)
  • promoting German with reference to the individual line of occupation
  • parents’ work, etc.

Initiation and accompaniment of intercultural openess

of services and instituions in social fields, educational work and public relations, interest representation, intercultural training, etc.

Network and social-space work

  • involvement in the creation of regional integration concepts
  • promotion of work on a volunteer basis
  • setting up and maintainance of support systems, etc.

The JMD Jugendwerkstatt Regensburg e. V . is a place to go in all questions of integration, career integration, qualification and advancement.

  • Counselling
  • Career preparation
  • Education
  • Vocational training
  • Occupation

In cooperation with the agency for work:

  • accompaniment, counselling, placements in vocational and school development programs
  • planning of careers
  • support in searching for work and training
  • placements in educational and job creation schemes

Objectives of the JMD

  • improvement of chances for integration ( integration in language, school, career and in social environments)
  • advancement of equal oppurtunities
  • advancemnet of participation of young immigrants in all areas of social, cultural and political life

Our language competence
We counsel amongst other things in

  • Russian
  • English
  • French
  • Serbic, Croatic
  • Spanish, etc.



Jugendwerkstatt Regensburg e. V.

Herr Uwe Jentzsch
Phone: 0941 / 58553-30


Frau Sanela Radmilovic
Phone: 0941 / 58553-34

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